Book an On-Demand Session

For active retainer clients or cohort participants. 

On-demand Ewing School sessions are designed to be open-ended and empower you to focus on whatever is most valuable to you. 

Before your session, have an idea of what you want to work on during the session. Your coach will ask what your focus is and then provide structure for the session to ensure you make progress.

Here are some sessions to choose from or prime your thinking:

  • Clarify your brand. How do you want people to think of you? What brand do you want as a speaker? Aim for the gold standard that when someone is organizing an event or looking for a speaker on X topic, they think, “Obviously, we have to ask [your name] to be involved.” What’s that topic?

    Work with a Ewing School coach to clarify and hone in on your ideal brand.

    Book 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Refine your elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch is a brief, compelling explanation for your company that you can use when talking to anyone from an important donor to a reporter to your family.

    Work with a Ewing School coach to develop your elevator pitch and refine it for your specific audience.

    Book 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Develop your key messages. Before you have a speech on the calendar (or if it’s 4+ weeks away), work with a Ewing School coach to develop your Big Idea, the one idea you want to leave in your audience’s heads, along with key stories, examples, and analogies to bring that idea to life.

    Book 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Practice your upcoming speech. Do at least one full run-through of your talk before game day. Get feedback to ensure you feel prepared and crush it on game day. Ideally, this session happens 2-4 weeks before your speaking engagement. Even a run-through the day before goes a long way to improving your live performance.

    Book 60 minutes.

  • Self-assessment & iteration. Meet with Ewing School coaches after a speaking engagement to share your self-assessment. What did you do well & how can you improve?

    Get specific ways to build your skills and improve for your next opportunity.

    Book 30 minutes.

  • Tactical skill focus. Do you struggle to maintain eye contact? Is your speech full of filler words? Are you looking to take your stories to the next level? Have you reached a plateau and are ready for the next level?

    Bring your specific tactical focus to practice, get feedback, and improve.

    Book 30 or 60 minutes.

  • I don’t know / Other. Do you want to work on something not listed here? Not sure how you want to spend your time? Or maybe you’re fulfilling a requirement? No problem!

    Book time, and your Ewing School coach can help clarify your needs at the beginning of the call. 

Your Coaches

Kim Hemsley

Kim helps people be authentic on stage.

Hailing from across the pond, Kim trained at a top London Drama School before working as a professional actress for 10 years in plays and musicals, also as a voiceover artist, and filming a course she created for the camera. Kim specializes in presence and voice, bringing out your individuality and personality in presentations.

Kim dives deeply into your ‘why’, working strategically on the content and flow, and how to connect meaningfully with your audience. Embedded in all of Kim’s work is crafted practice and feedback, the only way to really grow in presentation skills!

Kim lives with her husband and three daughters in the DC area where she leads the communications training program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, working with economists and scholars to prepare them for conferences, TV, Zoom presentations, radio, podcasts, and testimonies on Capitol Hill.

Kim comes from a musical family (her father arranged for the Beatles!) and is a singer and musician. She absolutely loves Math and has a passion for Killer Sudoku – the really tough ones!

Maryrose Milkovich Ewing


Maryrose helps people make progress.

Maryrose’s coaching focuses on building clarity and confidence in what you have to say. And the ability to connect it to any audience. 

She works with people to help them understand their current skill level and make a plan to keep growing. Whether a first-timer or an experienced speaker, anyone can learn, practice, and iterate to improve.

Maryrose volunteers with Women Outside, a Colorado-based group dedicated to teaching and inspiring women to enjoy the great outdoors. She is the Vice President of Durango Early Bird Toastmasters where she iterates on her own public speaking skills and helps others do the same. Maryrose earned her MBA at George Mason University.

In the summer, find Maryrose on the river, trails, or rocks. In the winter, find her skiing the cold smoke at Purgatory Resort. She lives in Durango, Colorado with Bob, Ollie, and Otis.