Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Public speaking training for executives, leaders, and wonks.

Share your ideas with clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

Share your ideas with
clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

What our clients have to say...

I come to know my own ideas better.

Individualized, actionable feedback.

Far exceeded my expectations.

Communication is everything.

True tradesmen of the craft.

Bob has a superpower.

A breath of fresh air.

Changed my life.


Elevate Your Public Speaking

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Individual Coaching

One-on-one training for highly leveraged and focused growth. Custom curriculum to meet your needs. Meet regularly on your schedule. Designed for executives and frequent, high visibility communicators.

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Group Cohort

Learn and grow as a team in collaborative workshops. Customized curriculum to level up the whole group’s speaking skill and confidence. Designed for teams and cross-functional groups.

Our Approach

Ditch the sales tactics and scripts. Overcome your fears and insecurities. Focus on being useful, clear, confident, and authentic.


Be valuable. Understand your audience’s needs and how to help them.

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Be eloquent. Know what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Be secure. Feel comfortable speaking to any audience in any venue.

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Be you. Build your individual brand and let your personality shine.

The Ewing School’s approach focuses on developing persuasive, engaging, and *natural* communicators – a breath of fresh air compared to many traditional public speaking trainings/coaching programs.

– Rachel Swaffer
Director, Pacific Legal Foundation

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a man in a suit and tie standing on the street


– Orphe Divounguy
Senior Economist, Zillow Group, Inc.

The Ewing School helps you gain confidence in your public speaking abilities. They help bring out each team member’s unique and authentic voice. They recognize that each person will have different stories to share and different ways of expressing how and why their work matters.

– Megan Jenkins
Director, Center for Growth and Opportunity

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