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Bob Ewing is the co-founder of the Ewing School. Bob catalyzes the growth of leaders and executives by teaching proven and innovative methodologies to uncover and enhance existing talents, transforming them into enthralling communicators, captivating and confident speakers, and ultimately, optimal leaders. 

Bob grew up outside Cleveland, Ohio, and has over 15 years experience in leadership and training. From living in a teepee while working on a political campaign to director of communications training at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Bob has learned firsthand that just because you hold a leadership role, doesn’t mean anyone ever taught you how to be a dynamic communicator. 

When Bob isn’t busy transforming the lives of captivating leaders, he loves inspiring and motivating audiences as a keynote speaker. Bob teaches profound fundamental principles that can be applied immediately to build their own brilliant personal brand. Bob knows how to ramp up electricity in the room and leave the audience inspired, contemplative, and excited. 

Bob will tailor his presentation to meet your event’s specific needs. If you’d like to book Bob to speak at your next event complete the inquiry form below.

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“I recommend Bob because he is a student himself of human communication. He loves his subject matter. He loves powerful and effective communication and helping others grow to where they can communicate powerfully and effectively.”

– John Patton
State Director, American Federation for Children

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